Terms and Conditions


1. Completion of contract

The buyer concludes with BYRD-Design in agreements to the following terms of business a legally binding bill of sale and accepts these Terms and Conditions with his order.

Divergent regulations from these Terms and Conditions can come into force and validity only if they have been confirmed by BYRD design separately and in writing.

Subsidiary it is referred to the regulations (provisions) of the Swiss bond right(Swiss Code of Obligations).


2. Orders

Orders are placed via the order form on our web shop. Or can be made in writing via e-mail.

In any case, these general terms of business form a legally binding component of the bill of sale.

By placing the order, the customer instructs, BYRD-Design for production and delivery of the goods and accepts the general terms and conditions without reservation.


3. Product guarantee

The buyer acknowledges that most of our products are handmade and unique items.

Therefore, they can vary in shape, color and pattern and there are not several exactly identical versions available.

Note also that the colors of our shown products can vary depending upon computer settings of the user.


4. Terms of delivery (delivery periods)


The products offered on our website are delivered according to availability.

In general, however, we ship within two working days of receipt of· payment.


If a desired article is not available immediately, we will get in touch with you and inform you of the expected delivery period.

In the case of delayed delivery times a withdraw from the sales contract can be possible in exceptional cases.

BYRD Design reserves the right to limit delivery volumes for any specific product.


5. Shipping within Switzerland

If free shipping is not offered by us, shipping and packaging of the product are at the expenses of the buyer. This applies in any case of a return shippment.

For purchases above the amount of CHF 80.- , oure parcel post is delivered by registered mail (within Switzerland).

BYRD-Design takes no liability for non-registered delivery services, if so requested by the customer.

When returning an item the buyer has to pay attention to sufficient packaging as well as postage and insurance.

The goods will be shipped through the Swiss Post.


6. Shipping abroad

By shipping abroad the same conditions are valid as in sending and packaging as under point 5. and are settled according to the usual postage conditions for the foreign countries.

However, additional expenses can originate from merchandise taxes and customs sales.(duties) These are to be carried completely by the customer.

BYRD-Design takes no liability for non-registered delivery services to foreign european countries.

When returning an item the buyer has to pay attention to sufficient packaging as well as postage and insurance.

The goods will be shipped through the Swiss Post.


7. Prices

All prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF), excluding packeaging and excluding possible forwarding expenses as well as possible additional costs like foreign customs duties and merchandise taxes.

Currency conversions are carried out at the current exchange rate.

Price modifications and changes in the ordering and delivery conditions will be reserved until the order is confirmed by BYRD-Design.


8. Methods of payment


The following methods of payment are possible:

Prepay by credit card via Paypal or by bank transfer to our bank account.
The dispatch of goods takes place only after receipt of your payment.

An ordered article will be reserved for 10 days for the customer.

If no payment is received within these 10 days, the order is considered canceled and the item will be re-assigned to our online shop for sale.
Please note that payments must be free of charge for us. All applicable transfer fees and bank fees are charged to the customer and may be charged back.

BYRD-Design is free to allow customers to pay for the goods ordered by invoice. Here the customer receives an invoice with the delivery; payment is due within 30 days net.
The customer has no right to this payment method.
In the case of delayed payment BYRD-Design is entitled to demand default interest. After issuing a single notice of non-payment, the amount will be requested through the legal system.


9. Retention of title

The delivered goods remain property of BYRD design until payment is complete.


10. Complaints

In the case that you are not pleased with your ordered items, please contact us immediately.
Complaints (including shipping damage) can only be considered if made in writing within 7 days after receiving the product. After this period, the delivery is considered agreed.
In the case of justified complaints, the customer is entitled to a free replacement. Further claims are excluded.


11. Return Policy

With due cause you can return the product w/invoice within 7 days of delivery. Please, inform us of your grounds in writing, before returning the product.

You will then receive a confirmation with the delivery address.


12. Liability

Any liability claims by the customer, for whatever legal reasons, are excluded.
BYRD-Design is not liable for damage caused by improper handling, or for damage not caused to the delivery item itself, in particular can BYRD-Design not be held liable for lost profits or other financial losses of the purchaser.


13. Rights

All content and images on these pages are the property of BYRD design. The use by third parties is possible only with the prior written permission.

All your personal data will be treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to third parties.


14. Area of jurisdiction

The contracts concluded with the store owner are governed solely by Swiss law.
Venue for both sides is Meilen ZH (Switzerland)·


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